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Travel enriches lives.

Getting away from home gives us the freedom to live in the moment, be whoever we want to be, go anywhere and do anything. Ultimately, travel helps us disconnect from the things that consume us and reconnects us with everything that truly matters.

How we make a difference.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get away from home, see the world, and share memories with those they love.

Part of your membership goes to sending families on their first-ever vacation. Together, we can work to leave an impact on our communities and help those in need

Meet our founder.

Barrett Masso founded Freedom Travel from a New Orleans hotel room in 2021 with the belief that vacations have the power to enrich our lives in so many ways.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create a world where everyone vacations, the plan was created to develop a platform that made booking travel more enjoyable and affordable.

Aside from Barrett’s leadership roles in a variety of other companies and non-profit ventures, he is the founder of the Give A Vacay Foundation, which is a non-profit initiative dedicated to helping families go on their first-ever vacation.

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