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With Freedom Travel, you'll unlock access to wholesale prices you won't find anywhere else. Here's how we're able to do it.

You'll see the raw-rate

All other booking platform sites must adhere to strict rate parity rules — meaning they can't sell hotels below a previously agreed rate. That's why you see sites like Google Hotels,, and all selling at relatively the same price.

Freedom Travel is a members-only site, allowing us to share unpublished wholesale prices with our members.


Zero Mark Ups

We take zero commissions and fees on the hotel bookings themselves, (something that is unheard of in the hotel booking space), passing along the lowest rate possible.


No Middlemen

We connect directly with hotels and accommodations, cutting out extra fees, so you get the best deals and the freedom to travel affordably.

Real Deals Booked by Freedom Members

Secrets Playa Mujeres Resort
Cancun, Mexico
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $1,196
Booked on Freedom: $902
Saved $294
Hyatt Regency Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $447
Booked on Freedom: $189
Saved $258
Best Western Plus Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $694
Booked on Freedom: $518
Saved $176
Maui Coast Hotel
Maui, Hawaii
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $1,448
Booked on Freedom: $1,033
Saved $415
Yotel Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $404
Booked on Freedom: $295
Saved $109
Grand Hyatt
Vail, Colorado
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $5,145
Booked on Freedom: $3,875
Saved $1,270
Mondrian Hotel
South Beach Miami, USA
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $1,782
Booked on Freedom: $1,108
Saved $674
Park Hyatt
Paris, France
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $14,636
Booked on Freedom: $10,571
Saved $4,065
Las Ventanas Al Paraiso
Los Cabos, Mexico
Google Hotels, Lowest Price: $8,679
Booked on Freedom: $7,138
Saved $1,541

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I learned about Freedom right after booking my hotels for a month-long trip to Spain. Fortunately, we were able to get a refund from the other site and ended up saving over $2,000 booking on Freedom.
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OMG. Why am I just learning about this site... Flights and cars are not all that great, but the hotel deals are freaking awesome.
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The deals keep getting better and better! I wish airfare and cars were as good as hotels, but a girl can't have it all. Highly recommend freedom to anyone who spends money on hotels.
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Those are retail booking sites. They have an agreement with hotel companies that enables them to market hotel stays at retail rates, and in return, they receive a commission. This is not beneficial for the end consumer as they are incentivized to sell travel at higher rates that in turn lead to more income/commissions. We offer access to the same travel options, but with one big difference, our rates have no markup!

There is a law referred to as "rate parity" which states hotels and OTAs will sell hotels at the same price. This is why you often see the same/similar prices on all websites. Private websites are exempt from rate parity rules, and Freedom is one of them. Because we are a members-only website, we do not have to abide by rate parity, which means we can pass on the OTA rates (i.e. wholesale prices) to the end customer.

In general, hotels have the highest markup (compared to airfare and cars), so the savings you will find are far greater on hotels than on cars and airfare. That said, we do offer flights and cars, and soon activities. Our goal is to offer a site where users can book any of their travel needs and know that they are saving money.

While the majority of the time, we will have the best price, there may be rare instances where another site has a lower price. While we cant guarantee that we'll always have the lowest price, we can guarantee that you will save more with us than the cost of your membership; and if not, we will give you a 100% refund. Also, in the case another site has a lower price on a hotel stay, our system will show you which site has a better price, so you can book with them.

Yes, you can make a booking for anyone with the same last name as you. If you are making a booking for someone with a different last name, you will need to be traveling with them. You can book for up to 9 people, so long as you are traveling with them.

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